Marauder Hockey: A Month in Review (November)

     -Andrew Mossbrooks
                  Following the month of October, Millersville found themselves in the midst of a 4 game winning streak, back to the .500 mark, and still undefeated in the CSCHC. There was plenty to be happy about, but the coaching staff here at Millersville was sure to remind the players of the challenges ahead. Amongst those challenges was a 7 game month in November, with 4 of them being league games. Millersville started out the month on the road, as they battled the Montclair Red Hawks, who would go on to snap the 4 game win streak of the Marauders. Fortunately for Millersville, this was a non-league game, but with that being said, there was a different feel to this loss than previous losses. The team stayed together, something that was an issue at times in previous games in which the Marauders would fall short of a W. This team has truly characterized themselves as a unit. There may be 20 players lacing up their skates to dawn the yellow and white jerseys, but it’s not the number on the jersey they play for... it’s the name on the front. This team continues to represent Millersville with the upmost pride and character, as they give it their all on the ice. They knew when they were defeated that they would get back up and not let things slip away like they once did before. Following the loss to Montclair, Millersville was set to begin a 3 game home stand, all of which being league games. When looking at the season thus far, it was easily the most important stretch of games in the season, and whenever it seems to be clutch time, the Marauders buckle down and keep the pedal to the metal! They took out TCNJ, crushed U-Penn and shut out the NJIT Highlanders to earn 3 consecutive wins and remain dominant in their league. The Marauders would drop their next game to a very difficult Rowan hockey club, but would still be able to look on the positive side of things with things such as the return of Rob Weinberger into the lineup, who was out for over a month due to injury. Weinberger would go on to score against Rowan, as it didn’t take long for the speedy forward to get his hands going again and light the lamp once more.
To close out the month, the Marauders would have one final weekend road trip. Their first stop: a non-league game in the freezing Herbert Wells Arena to clash with Maryland University. Being that they’re a ranked team, Maryland seemed to convincingly be favored over Millersville. Many would write off the Marauders, thinking they wouldn’t even stand a chance. Well, Millersville certainly did, as fans were treated to a cold, yet exciting Friday night of hockey. With Nick Mullarkey and Brian Monteith out for the game, it would be secondary scoring that would go on to help Millersville, as step up players like veteran winger Garth Bolin, along with The Millersville giant, Jonnie Collins, and the rookie blue liner Troy Potts would contribute with goals that would send the game into overtime after Millersville overcame a 3-1 deficit in the 3rd period. The Marauders would be heartbroken by a last minute goal in overtime, but this game embodied the character of a group of guys who demonstrate a never say die attitude. The Marauders truly challenged a ranked team and pushed them to their limit, which is something that shouldn’t go unrecognized. The next night, it was a league game in a much warmer atmosphere, as the Seton Hall Pirates hosted the Millersville Marauders. Statistically speaking, these are the top 2 teams in the CSCHC. With that being said, it’s hard to believe what transpired at Richard Codey Arena. Millersville would decimate Seton Hall by a score of 11-1. Attached to the stick of Cyle Knopf was a flame thrower, as he burned through the goaltender to earn his first hat trick of the season, along with some assists to go with it. The Marauders closed the month of November on a winning note, and now get set to head into their final game of the 2014 calendar year.
Player of the Month
Remember that Marc Daouphars guy who just randomly got put on the team? I’m sure you do, since he’s the guy who’s given Millersville a chance to win every single night. Marc started every game in November, including the 7-0 win against the Highlanders that gave Daouphars his first college level shutout. Marc has been poised throughout the games here for the Marauders, and has done a marvelous job of handling the workload with both of his fellow net minders out of commission. He does a good job of controlling the puck, preventing rebound opportunities for the opposition, and even helps the rush with long stretch passes up to neutral ice territory. He’s been square to practically every shot he’s faced, and has had highlight reel saves. A number of player on this team had a great month, but the man in between the pipes deserves some love too!
                  The Marauders earned their turkey this Thanksgiving, along with their holiday break. Coming up is their final game in 2014 against the U-Penn Quakers, who will look to avenge their 5-1 loss at the hands of Millersville last month. This game will be played on the road for Millersville, who hasn’t had as much success as they have at home, although the good news is that Jeff Pelkowski is expected to be back in net after being injured for over a month. The Marauders have one game of hockey left in them for 2014 before they go their separate ways for a month and regroup in January. The Marauders will look to stay undefeated in the CSCHC when they collide with the U-Penn Quakers. Millersville looks to get their Christmas present early, as they’ll attempt to wrap up the 2014 calendar year with another impressive league win that would bring them one step closer to clinching the top seed in their division.


Millersville Marauders @ Seton Hall Pirates

     -Andrew Mossbrooks
CSCHC Preview:
Millersville Marauders @ Seton Hall Pirates
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
Richard Codey Arena
The Marauders will look to remain undefeated in the newly formed Colonial State Collegiate Hockey Conference (CSCHC) when they take on the Seton Hall Pirates. This will be the Marauders first league game to take place on the road this season. Heading into the weekend, Millersville has just 1 win on the road, which is something they will obviously hope to improve on this weekend. Seton Hall is 2-4-0-1 at home heading into the weekend. If the Marauders win this game they will improve to 6-0-0 in the CSCHC, and will have defeated every team in their league. 
Lately in Millersville…
         When talking about MU ice hockey, it’s been hard to keep words like successful, dominant, and great out of the same sentence. It’s hard to believe at one point in the season, Millersville had a record of 3-7-0. My how far they have come. Millersville went on to have a dominant month in October and have remained over the .500 mark thus far in November. The freshman have come around and the veterans have stepped up and together the team looks to be in full sync when they’re out on the ice. They’ve also received a handful of help in between the pipes, most recently from Marc Daouphars, who has back stopped the Marauders in their last half dozen games, due to injury to Jeff Pelkowski, the originally intended starter to take over for Eric Hench, who suffered a season ending injury earlier in the year. The team has seemed to develop tough skin, as nothing bothers or discourages this team from their goal of playing a full 60 minutes and doing everything it takes to get the W by the end of the night.

Lately in Seton Hall…
         On the other hand, the Seton Hall Pirates have not been able to be in high spirits like their opposition. Seton Hall has experienced issues in net through inconsistent goaltending. Their blue liners have also experienced some setbacks and often struggle getting the back out of their own end cleanly. This is a team that tends to give a lot of space to the opposition to create opportunities and it’s something the Pirates will look to correct against an ever so dangerous squad, decked out in black and yellow. Secondary scoring has been another issue that has hindered the Pirates. Seton Hall has just 3 players in double digits for points, one of them being a defenseman. It’s easy to tell that with just 2 out of 12 forwards having at least 10 points, the Pirates will struggle against a team with the quality of depth that Millersville has.

Player to watch from Millersville:
#19 Jimmy McNally
Not that you should have to be told to watch McNally, in fact, you probably wouldn’t be able to help yourself. The Millersville center fits the role to a T because he has been the center of attention whenever he is out on the ice. McNally leads the Marauders in points, but his positional play, along to go with his defensive aspects of the game make Jimmy a great all-around player. He possesses qualities of a playmaker, sniper, and two way forward, and talent like that isn’t easy to find. Look for a big night from #19

Player to watch from Seton Hall:
#17 Charlie Mule
Following an injury that kept him out of the first few games of the season, Charlie Mule has been a beast for the Pirates, mule is a playmaker, who cycles the puck very well and can score and pass with the best of them. Mule has 11 goals and 9 assists in just 9 games played, averaging over 2 points per game. Luckily for Millersville, Mule creates a bulk majority of Seton Hall’s offense, and if Millersville can neutralize him like they have done against recent team’s top players, it will take a huge chunk out of Seton Hall’s capabilities.

The Marauder will win if…
They stick to the system and stay discipline. The Marauders can be credited for having a superb penalty killing unit, however it still isn’t a good habit of making routine trips to the box. Millersville also wants to be careful against a positional team like Seton Hall. This is a team that will look for holes in a team’s position and MU has to protect those areas. Speed is on Millersville’s side, so that’s something they’ll want to take advantage of from the get-go. MU’s dump and chase system should work very well against the Pirates. The Marauders know they’ve been hot lately, and they have to remember what it’s taken to get where they are. They have to remember the things that have kept them undefeated in the CSCHC and if they do this, you can expect to see Millersville sailing away from Richard Codey Arena with a 6-0 undefeated record in their league, bringing them one step closer to locking up that coveted top seed in the CSCHC.

Marauder Hockey: A Month in Review (October 2014)

     -Andrew Mossbrooks
                  Following the opening month of the season, the Marauders were looking to come back strong in the month of October. The 2nd month of the season was a tad friendlier than their first month, as the Marauders only had to play 6 games this month. The month hadn’t started out the way Millersville would’ve preferred it, as they lost their first 2 games in the opening weekend of October. This would push MU down to 3-7-0, and with a record like that, any team could easily be discouraged. However, the Millersville Marauders are not just any team, and they proved that as they would go on to win 4 straight and finish the month of October with a 4-2-0 record, getting their overall record back to the .500 mark for the first time in several weeks.
When a team is winning, it’s easy to relax and focus on having a good time. The Marauders locker room is filled with players who have showed an overwhelming amount of passion, both on and off the ice, and one of those players is Andrew Quintois, who due to serious injury was forced to hang his jersey up for good. Quintois is still showing his Marauder pride by being at a number of the home games, continuing to support the team in every way he can. He was the kind of player that put a smile on his face, and he knew he could make any of his teammates reflect that. He carried himself with a lot of character, and it’s a character that are few and far between to find and he has been and will continue to be missed on the ice by his fellow Marauders. Unfortunately, this was not the only case of serious injuries dealt to the MU squad, as veteran Marauder net minder and team President Eric Hench, who was forced to end his season in order to recover from surgery. With that, freshman Jeff Pelkowski was called upon to be the starting goaltender for the foreseeable future, but after suffering a lower body injury, he too would be forced to sit. With both goalies out of commission, it seemed that the Marauders were getting ready for a downward spiral. Enter, sophomore Marc Daouphurs, the newest Marauder, who has given the Marauders the motivation they need, winning his first start of the season on Halloween Night. Pelkowski’s injury seems to be minor, so he will be back soon, but with Daouphurs emerging on to the scene, it seems that a solid goaltending tandem is being built for the black and yellow.
One trend that has caught on with Millersville as of late has been the defensive contributions. The Marauders who have been assigned with defending the blue line have now been the ones who have been lighting the lamp. Austin Baty, Ben, Flocken, Sean Walsh, David Owsiany, and Troy Potts have all scored at least once in the month of October, and while other d-man like Cam Trump, Connor Derricks, and Mac Sapia haven’t gotten the goals, they’ve done a great job in their own end, preventing the opposition from quality scoring chances.
                  Some great players who make their way to Millersville come from all areas. MU has drawn in a lot of players from New Jersey, and Big cities throughout the state of Pennsylvania, but they didn’t have to look far too find one of their most gifted players when Lancaster’s own Jimmy McNally came onto the scene. McNally has taken it upon himself in pressure situations to strap the game on his back and skate with it. He’s been a magician with the puck, causing it to disappear right before the goalies eyes and reappear in the back of the net. He’s been an overtime hero, when he scored the game winner early into the season in OT vs the Crimson Hawks and he has been a constant contributor to this team, leading the way in points so far this season.
                  Lastly, a star of the month has to be named and that star has shined bright on #24 Ryan Henderson. Though Henderson maybe known as the human sparkplug to this team, he’s been using that energy boost in different ways, by putting up 4 goals in the Month of October, 3 of which were in consecutive games! With that, Henderson has been rewarded with more ice time and more responsibility, as he has shown the leadership qualities that are looked for from the veterans on this team. While everybody may have had a good month, it’s Henderson’s passion, character, and energy that have earned him the star of the month.
                  The Marauders now face one more full month of hockey before their abbreviated December schedule due to the winter break, and there are important games heading their way, including a set of 3 straight CSCHC match-ups in the early going of the month. They will play 7 games in the month of November, with 4 of those games being league games, as opposed to just one league game in each of the first 2 months of the season. The Marauders will be accompanied shortly by Rob Weinberger, who will be returning from a foot injury suffered over a month ago, along with Jeff Pelkowski and even though Eric Hench will be unable to play, I’m sure his passion for the Millersville Marauders will be evident as it always has been. It’s Movember time, and despite Thanksgiving not being until the end of the month, you can expect these Marauders to feast all month long on anybody who stands in their way!

Marauder Hockey: A Month in Review (September 2014)

     -Andrew Mossbrooks
                  With the summer having had its final sunset in 2014, the Marauders sailed back to their homes here in Millersville to embark on a journey through the first season of Marauder hockey in the Colonial State Collegiate Hockey Conference (CSCHC). Accompanying old friends, are some new ones, as a new age of Marauders arrived, trying to continue the goal that Millersville brings with them each year and that goal is to win a championship. This year is no different, and these players are well aware of that, but everyone knows it takes hard work to get to the top of the mountain, and that starts now. Every great story has a beginning. We ask you to buckle up and set sail with the Marauders during the 2014-2015 season
                  Growing pains:
With a new season, there tends to also be new players, and that is true for the black and yellow, who practically have an entire make-up of freshman defenseman, combining for over half their blue line. These young men will represent the future and bring pride to Millersville, but for now there are lessons to be learned. Having a new coach, a new system, along with being on a new team can be overwhelming for a freshman, especially when a number of them are defending the blue line. Responsibilities can take their toll, as for a freshman like Ben Flocken, who has received large chunks of ice time, and spent most of the season on the top pairing with veteran Millersville defenseman Sean Walsh. Doing this not only gives Flocken an opportunity to flourish and become more confident with his role on the team, but also gives him more responsibility. Along with Flocken comes another group of freshman defenseman, who are also chomping at the bit to get an opportunity to showcase their skill and talents, and although they might be questioning their roles on this team, they should not worry as they will be the group that will glue together over the course of the next four years to form a formidable foe for anyone who crosses center ice in the opposing jerseys. Along with the blue line comes more freshman up front, including freshman Asher Michelbacher and Matt Iehle, who opened up this season with the first goal of the year, and the first of his collegiate hockey career. These two have enjoyed success thus far as individuals, but as a team it has been somewhat struggling. Ask rookie back-up goaltender Jeff Pelkeowski, who has had a very unfortunate start to the season, scored on through odd man rushes, screens, tip ins and deflections. And at times discombobulated defense has played in front of Jeff, leaving him out to dry for a number of goals. Despite some unlucky goals Pelkeowski has been solid for the Marauders, mostly splitting time with junior goalie Eric Hench. The two have been strong between the pipes facing a total of 335 shots only allowing 35 goals.
                  Attitude Adjustment:
The season is a mere 8 games through, and already we have seen a number of controversial events both on and off the ice. Millersville has went from a 2-0 start via a weekend sweep of the IUP Crimson Hawks, to losing their last game of the month to the Broncs, their 5th loss in their last 6 games, putting their record to 3-5-0 to end the month of September, and to add to the controversy, Millersville Assistant Coach Pat McKenna has reportedly stepped down from his position on the coaching staff. With that, things are in need of change. Head coach Brent Burgard may consider some line shuffling as he has done so already. Tim DiRugeris has moved from defense to forward, which now helps due to the foot injury to forward Rob Weinberger, leaving him sidelined indefinitely. Burgard may also consider giving players more ice time and more games started such as freshman Cam Trump, or forward Andrew Quintos, who was a healthy scratch for the last 2 games of the month. There is also a need for improvement even from the experienced veterans on this team. The men that have been lacing their skates with the Marauders for some time now will be called upon to pull together, pick up the pieces and find what they know they already have and that is the capabilities of a championship team.
                  Shaking off the Rust:
So here we are, 8 games into what has been an up and down start to hockey here in Millersville. The Marauders have shown at times why they have made it to the championship game 3 years in a row. Marauders don’t quit. They will do everything they can to persevere through the tough times in a season. Millersville opens the month of October on the road, playing two non-league games against Georgetown, followed by a trip to Penn State. Even though Millersville has only had one league game in the CSCHC so far, they still need to care about the rest of the games. With a sweep over the weekend, MU can get back to the .500 mark for the first time since September 19th. They will need to come together and be the team they are capable of being in order to do so. The first month of the season is finished, but October is right around the corner. With that in mind, there is only one question left to ask…. Marauder Ice Hockey Club, Are you ready?

Millersville Joins CSCHC

     -Eric Hench
Millersville University Ice Hockey is excited to announce they have joined the newly formed Colonial States College Hockey Conference, the CSCHC.  The new league will begin play in the 2014-2015 season in the ACHA Men’s Division 2.  Other teams that are in the league are New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Princeton University, Seton Hall University, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and West Chester University.  Millersville Ice Hockey is proud to be a part of this new league.  We will be playing each team twice with a home and away game.  There will also be a league playoff and all-star game at the end of the season.  Schedules are still being finalized at this time. Please check back for final schedules and league information.  The new season should be a fun and exciting one.